About Our Denver Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Lowrey Burnett | CCIM, Founder and commercial real estate broker at Fountainhead Commercial has over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Lowrey is an advocate for his clients, whether they are tenants, landlords, CRE investors or CRE developers in Colorado and across the country. From working at one of the largest commercial real estate firms in Texas to honing his craft at one of the most successful privately-held firms in the world, Burnett has gained unique experience that helps ensure the best possible outcome for every transaction he manages.

Justin Rayburn, Principal, commercial real estate broker and co-owner of Fountainhead Commercial has been a tenant and landlord representative since 2002, focusing primarily in the Denver metropolitan area. Entrenched in the community and intimately knowledgeable about Denver’s submarkets, Justin has been the go-to broker for companies large and small that are moving to, expanding within, or building their presence along the front range. In the past, he has represented Fortune 500 companies on their domestic and international expansion plans and has worked with many of the major developers and building owners in the metropolitan area. Today, he helps clients of all sizes develop and execute their real estate strategies.

Behind Fountainhead Commercial

Upon branching out to open an innovative commercial real estate brokerage firm in Denver, Colorado, Burnett and Rayburn knew there were certain values that would create a strong foundation for the legacy of the firm.

Having spent a combined four decades climbing the ranks, one key attribute stood out among these resourceful and ambitious Denver commercial real estate brokers: an uncompromising commitment to strong core values, principles, and customer service. Whether they are representing tenants while negotiating a lease, or providing high-level financial analysis during the 1031 Exchange process, honesty and integrity remain as key pillars in their business dealings. Let’s talk about what kind of value Fountainhead Commercial can bring to the table as your commercial real estate broker.

  • Talent and Expertise - With Mr. Burnett’s Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation and combined real estate experience of almost 40 years, Burnett and Raybun have leveraged their industry expertise and skill to actively seek and negotiate the best possible deals on behalf of their respective clients. As business owners themselves, Burnett and Rayburn understand the skills required to propel their client’s businesses forward while always remaining true to the vision each client has for their own organization. These experienced Denver commercial real estate brokers share this passion with each client through the commercial real estate leasing, buying, and selling process. It’s what really makes them top-tier commercial real estate brokers in the Denver metro area.
  • Doing What Is Right - Fountainhead Commercial has a primary goal, as a commercial real estate firm, to promote honesty and transparency throughout the information gathering and negotiation process, so that each client can make an informed business decision that aligns with their particular objectives. At Fountainhead Commercial, each client is seen as a creator, an innovator, and a risk-taker in their specific industry, and we strive to fulfill each client’s unique vision.
  • Commitment to Excellence - A driving factor of Fountainhead Commercial’s real estate reputation is the unwavering commitment to excellence through each and every step of the transaction process. Our commercial real estate brokers accomplish this commitment by understanding what each client needs - this means actually listening to what the client has to say - and guiding them through the decision-making process at each turn, so every client feels confident that they are making a sound and well-informed business choice.

Your Trusted Denver Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Burnett and Rayburn have built Fountainhead Commercial upon these fundamental values and principles in order to drive successful outcomes for each investor, business owner, and property owner who engages their services.

Whether you are looking for tenant representation, landlord representation, or want a trusted commercial real estate broker to provide investment expertise during the 1031 Exchange or sale-leaseback process, our commercial real estate experts can be your source for guidance. Fountainhead Commercial will provide expert consultative guidance so you can make an educated decision that perfectly aligns with your long-term investment or business goals and strategies.

Contact the Denver commercial real estate brokers at Fountainhead Commercial today to learn how we help each client make profitable commercial real estate investment and business decisions.

Commercial Real Estate Success Stories

Site Acquisition For New Commercial Developments In Denver And Across The Nation

If you are considering a new commercial real estate development, you understand the complexity of these projects. Without the right expertise and support in place, you can run into a host of problems. With more than 40 years of combined experience in the industry, our acquisition experts at Fountainhead Commercial have the skills and the relationships to ensure that your next development project is built on a strong foundation.

Building Up

The specifics of a commercial construction project can quickly become burdensome if you don’t have the right support in place. When it comes to new developments, we begin with extensive evaluation of potential development locations to include existing zoning review, comparable sales analysis, competitive site review for the new development, as well as estimates for your preliminary construction budget and preliminary construction timeline. When requested, we can connect each client with well-qualified, professional contractors and other vendors to ensure the development project meets important deadlines, adheres to construction cost projections and your new development gets off the ground successfully.

Landlord Representation

Support for our client does not end upon completion of your new office or industrial development. If needed by the developer, prior to the end of construction, Fountainhead Commercial's acquisition expert will expand their responsibilities to provide pre-leasing landlord representation services. From developing a robust, new property marketing plan to executing an office or industrial tenant lease-up plan, you can trust that reaching full occupancy of your new development will be a top priority.

Disposition Services

Alternatively, if the development’s end goal is to sell the project then our commercial development experts will create a professional offering memorandum and utilize their investor database and proven methodology of marketing the property to high-quality owners/users or investors.

If you are considering a new office or industrial development and want expert services to support the development and lease-up of your commercial construction project, contact Fountainhead Commercial today.

Your Trusted Source For Real Estate Sale-Leaseback Expertise In Denver

A real estate sale-leaseback transaction, like nearly every significant financial or real estate endeavor, has pros and cons that need to be carefully considered. Ultimately, if the sale-leaseback route is your best path forward, you want to have an experienced commercial real estate sale-leaseback broker representing your best interests. Let’s talk about the sale-leaseback process and what the unique benefits are for the owner-occupant/seller.

What Does A Sale-Leaseback Entail?

A sale-leaseback transaction allows a corporate property owner/occupant to take advantage of the property value increases seen over past several years. The owner/occupant can unlock the equity in their owned commercial real estate assets without losing control or being forced to relocate their business for a long period of time - often as long as 5 to 25 years. On its surface, the steps to complete the real estate sale-leaseback transaction are simple:

  1. Owner/occupant (the seller) simultaneously signs a new long-term lease when Fountainhead’s expert has identified an unrelated qualified investor (the buyer) to acquire the commercial real estate asset.
  2. After closing, owner/occupant (the seller) receives the commercial real estate sale proceeds and no longer pays a mortgage but becomes a rent-paying tenant.
  3. Investor (the buyer) becomes the landlord with all the responsibilities, obligations and rights stipulated in the lease agreement.

To further protect the owner/occupant’s (now the tenant’s) interest, sale-leaseback contracts may include a lease renewal option or occasionally the contract will include a repurchase option for owner/occupant (now the tenant) to repurchase the property.

Real Estate Sale-Leaseback Pros And Cons

A real estate sale-leaseback offers many unique advantages to the seller, however, it also includes disadvantages that are important to consider when making decisions. Let’s talk about the specifics in greater detail.

Benefits For Owner/Occupant (The Seller)

Among the most notable benefits of a real estate sale-leaseback for the seller is the conversion of commercial real estate equity into cash proceeds. The seller retains control of the property per a lease agreement, while receiving a significant cash infusion. This new capital can be more efficiently invested in operating and growing the seller’s business. Sellers will often use the cash infusion to fund an expansion (new office, industrial or retail location) or acquire a complementary business as an alternative to conventional financing. Some sellers may elect to utilize this new capital to reduce existing corporate debt. Sellers, with other more-profitable locations, may use the real estate sale-leaseback proceeds to fund tenant or capital improvements at seller’s other location(s). In general, the seller will benefit from investing the new capital in any business endeavor which has a higher return on equity (ROE) than that of the commercial real estate asset.

Additionally, a business owner that also owns and occupies commercial real estate and is considering selling the business to a larger corporate entity or business competitor will not want the commercial real estate asset to be an ‘anchor’. On occasion during merger and acquisition (M&A) discussions, a prospective business buyer may discount the value of the business if buyer intends to consolidate operations elsewhere and does not need the ‘anchor’ property.

Another unique benefit of a real estate sale-leaseback from the seller’s perspective is the flexibility it offers occupants. Debt and usury restrictions become a moot point, while also reducing the attractive nature of undervalued real estate by corporate raiders.

Disadvantages For The Seller

Presented with the many benefits a real estate sale-leaseback can offer the seller, you may be ready to make the jump. However, it is important to consider the potential disadvantages.

Depending upon sale-leaseback terms and then-current conventional mortgage financing rates, the costs associated with a real estate sale-leaseback can be higher than conventional mortgage financing. Additionally, the seller, now the tenant, will be committed to the current commercial real estate facility for the entire lease term unless the seller (now the tenant) has the right to sublease the property (which is common) or has a lease termination option.

Lastly, the seller in a real estate sale-leaseback transaction, is legally bound by the lease terms without the same flexibility offered to the owner/occupant. If the buyer later sells the asset or files bankruptcy, the lease will remain in full force and effect but the seller will not control who owns the property in the future.

Real Estate Sale-Leaseback By Professionals

There are numerous factors to consider, from day-to-day operational responsibilities and business growth expectations to alternative financing options and potential tax liability. Our real estate sale-leaseback experts can help you determine if a sale-leaseback transaction makes sense for your organization.

Contact Fountainhead Commercial today to learn more about the real estate sale-leaseback process.

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