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Wednesday, 08 December 2021 10:00

Celebrating Christmas – Then and Now

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Two of the most enjoyable aspects of the Christmas holiday are reminiscing about Christmases past and creating new memories in the Christmas present. We’d like to share a few personal thoughts along those lines – and we hope your Christmas memories and activities traditions are equally blessed.



Lowrey Burnett, Founder & Co-Owner


Draw a line between New York City and San Francisco and you’ll find the town of Larned, Kansas, where Lowrey grew up, almost exactly at the midpoint.


Lowrey’s family was large, and they were spread across the midwest and southwest U.S. Every other year one family member would host the entire extended family and the location would most often dictate the day’s activities. If the rendezvous was in New Mexico there could be snow skiing and viewing luminarias on Christmas Eve. Dallas could involve seeing ice sculptures at Garylord Texan. Kansas and Oklahoma trips usually involved  hunting, sledding and football on the TV.


No matter the location, though, the highlights were the traditional Christmas Eve church service celebrating Christ’s birth, kids raiding stockings on Christmas morning, opening gifts followed by the Christmas dinner which always began with Auntie Babe’s traditional toast  being optimistically proclaimed, “May the best times you’ve had be the worst that are yet to come.”


Now that he’s in Denver, Lowrey and his wife Nikki continue to make that every-other-year trip to meet up with his family. In the alternate years they often travel to see Nikki’s similarly large family in Michigan, meeting up in East Lansing.


The Burnett family Christmas get-togethers are continuing. Wherever they convene, the families join together to attend the local church’s Christmas Eve service. Then they’ll often walk the neighborhood singing Christmas carols or tour the area’s Christmas lights display.


And although Auntie Babe has passed on, at Christmas dinner the host will offer up those same good wishes that connect the past and the future.


From both of us, we hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas



Justin Rayburn, Co-Owner


Justin grew up in Houston, Texas and recalls Christmas being a time of celebrating the birth of Christ with both family and friends alike. The fireplace was always roaring on a 60 degree night... more for effect than to warm the air, as everyone came together for food, connection and festivities… Fun was had by all as the minutes and hours flew by.


These days, Justin and his two daughters are doing their best to carry on a spirit of gratitude, worship, and family as they celebrate Christmas together in Parker, Colorado. Their holiday is filled with days of skiing, family time and, of course, the yearly visit with Santa, who happens to be in the neighborhood every December!


On Christmas Day, the family gathers on the landing before going downstairs together, in anticipation of what lays ahead. They open a few presents, but then adjourn for a home-cooked breakfast including eggs, bacon and of course sticky buns (one of the tastiest annual traditions they enjoy) and spritzers for all. Then it’s on to opening the rest of the gifts, assembling the new toys and  spending time together as a family watching our two favorite Christmas movies- Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.


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