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As a commercial real estate investor/landlord, your responsibilities can run the gamut. At Fountainhead Commercial, we understand that positioning your property for sale and/or leasing vacant space is an additional challenge that you shouldn’t have to stress about. Our landlord representation services offer peace of mind to commercial real estate investors, knowing that their investment property is in the best hands.

The Fountainhead Approach

At Fountainhead Commercial, we believe that knowledge is power. The more you know about commercial property market trends, tenant migration patterns, and what your target audience wants and needs from an office or industrial space, the better you can provide those items or features to them. We approach landlord representation proactively to enhance the value of your investment.

Competitive Analysis

When representing commercial real estate landlords, Fountainhead Commercial begins with a competitive analysis. Not only are we looking at comparable properties in close proximity to your property but we are also considering the audience in and around your investment property. This information helps us create completely customized marketing and leasing strategies, making Fountainhead Commercial a superior provider of landlord representation services.

Proactive Leasing Strategy

Upon completing our competitive analysis for your investment property, we will customize a marketing and leasing strategy to lease your office or industrial space to ideal tenants. Very rarely is a commercial property leased through passive leasing efforts. Our landlord representation services feature proactive leasing efforts to ensure that your property's occupancy and rental income aligns with your investment goals.

Tenant Retention

Long-term, credit-worthy tenants increase the value of your property. Part of our landlord representation services includes a robust tenant retention program to maintain or reach full occupancy and increase your investment's value. This includes keeping tabs on national, regional, and local commercial real estate market trends, macro-economic factors, and tenant migration patterns, while also working directly with your tenants to ensure the highest possible level of satisfaction. Our landlord reps take the tedious and time-consuming duties of marketing and leasing off your plate, so you can focus on the big picture.

Re-positioning Investment Properties

Having spent a large portion of the last 20 years providing landlord representation services, we understand the nature and drivers of successful investment properties. Some of the most profitable investments are determined based upon purchase price or timing the market during a disposition. Other profitable properties require a little or, sometimes, a lot of TLC while simultaneously leveraging an effective leasing strategy to reduce vacancy. Our commercial real estate experts can provide you with an action plan that will lead to success.


At Fountainhead Commercial, landlord representation means more than just taking orders, it means solving problems. Whether you want to retrofit an existing commercial real estate facility to transform its position in the market or you want to work from the ground up to construct an office or industrial spec building that satisfies the needs of tenants in the market, we can support you with our extensive landlord representation services. Our experience has allowed us to form relationships with leading Denver contractors and we can leverage these connections on behalf of our clients when a construction project is required to increase the value or functionality of an investment property.

Landlord Representation At Fountainhead Commercial

From land acquisition to leasing and tenant retention strategies, our landlord representation services can be your go-to source of expertise to enhance the value of your investment. If you want a trusted expert to handle the day-to-day leasing duties for your investment properties while you focus on your other priorities, contact our landlord reps at Fountainhead Commercial today.