Denver Metro Commercial Property Investment Advisors Are Your Source For Expertise

When looking to purchase or sell commercial real estate investment properties, savvy investors seek out an industry partner to provide relevant market intelligence, best-in-class financial analysis, and effective negotiation strategies so an investor can make the best decision to complement the overall investment strategy. With almost 20 years in the industry, CCIM designated advisor, Lowrey Burnett, has made a name for himself as a trusted investment property advisor. Learn how Fountainhead Commercial can help you make your first investment or modify your existing portfolio of investment properties.

When Is The Right Time To Buy Or Sell?

Navigating and understanding the current market conditions, as well as accurately forecasting future market conditions is, hands-down, the most difficult part of buying or selling an investment property. No one has a crystal ball that always accurately predicts future events or market conditions. However, our experienced real estate investment advisor, who has also attained the prestigious Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation, can help you gain an intimate understanding of the then-current market nuances while receiving reasonable market projections such as "most likely," "most conservative," and "most aggressive" outcomes. In doing so, each client can confidently make the decisions that align with their overall investment strategy.

Buying Or Selling A Commercial Property For The Owner/Occupant

At Fountainhead Commercial, we specialize in office and industrial properties. If your business is seeking to sell or purchase this type of commercial space, you want to talk to our investment broker. Whether it is your 1st location or your 50th location, you want an experienced commercial real estate broker to represent your interests and minimize your commercial real estate costs while maximizing operational efficiency for your business.

Acquisition Or Disposition Of An Income-Producing Real Estate Investment

As a CCIM-designated commercial real estate investment advisor, our industry expert at Fountainhead Commercial will provide sound guidance while standing by your side throughout the entire acquisition or disposition process. This includes, but is not limited to, the following actions that will benefit each investor during the decision-making process:

  • Determine investor's risk tolerance
  • Determine investor's yield and income expectations and requirements
  • Determine property-type, geographic preference, and tenancy characteristics desired by investor
  • Identify qualified buyers or suitable investments that align with client's criteria
  • Develop a comprehensive financial analysis for each investment option
  • Create and discuss comparison matrix for each option
  • Submit and negotiate proposals, counter proposals, and LOIs
  • Arrange tours of short-list investment properties, as necessary
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) review and negotiate final deal terms
  • Compile or review all Due Diligence documents
  • Closing with title company 

Additionally, our real estate investment advisor can help a seller navigate the 1031 Exchange process to relinquish an investment property and defer 100 percent of all capital gains taxes.

An Investment Broker You Can Trust

Fountainhead Commercial is proud to offer commercial real estate investment property representation for investors and owner/occupants who are considering buying or selling commercial real estate. Our investment property expert is well-versed in the nuances of both sides of a real estate transaction and will advocate on your behalf to ensure each client is buying, selling, or exchanging at the right time, to the right entity, and at the right price.


If you are considering investing in commercial real estate, contact Fountainhead Commercial today to learn more.