Your Trusted Tenant Representation Broker In Denver

The best advice we can offer tenants is to start the commercial real estate transaction process as soon as possible to create leverage to negotiate a deal that is in the best interest of your business. Partnering with a commercial real estate expert to advocate on your behalf helps ensure bottom-line savings and reduces exposure to unexpected lease risks. At Fountainhead Commercial, we will proudly serve as your tenant representation broker and work diligently to an ideal real estate solution that aligns with your needs. Let’s talk about our tenant representation services at Fountainhead Commercial.

The Benefits Of Using A Tenant Representation Broker

We take our fiduciary obligation as tenant representatives very seriously. With almost twenty years in the industry, we’ve seen tenants erroneously think the landlord's representative was also working on their behalf. Our tenant representation service for commercial real estate puts the tenant's’ needs first. If you partner with Fountainhead Commercial for tenant representation services, that’s exactly what you can expect.

Save Time And Money

Landlords operate their business as a property owner every single day. Tenants, on the other hand, do not have the same advantage. This is where tenant representation services can level the playing field, by offering your business the support of an expert who can go toe-to-toe with landlords and negotiate in your best interest. Because we also spend every single day in the commercial real estate space, our expertise can save you time by handling the hard work for you. From property evaluations, market analysis, and financial analysis to Letter of Intent and final lease terms negotiations, our tenant representation services ensure you can have the best possible experience whether it's a lease renewal, an expansion or a new lease.

Setting Your Business Up For A Successful Negotiation

Often, tenants wait too long and lose any leverage for upcoming lease negotiations. Our tenant representation broker typically recommends you begin looking at your lease renewal, as well as your alternative lease options a minimum of 12 to 18 months before your lease expires. Without sufficient lead time, your current landlord can take advantage of the situation by mandating an agreement that is not in the best interest of your business. Landlords know, from experience, that it takes time to negotiate a lease, complete necessary tenant improvement construction, and relocate your entire business but without ample lead time, you simply cannot relocate elsewhere.


It is said in the commercial real estate space that your lease expiration does not run concurrently with your business cycles, a fact we are sure to mention to all tenants who engage Fountainhead Commercial. What many tenants don’t know is the flexibility that can often be negotiated into a lease agreement when working with industry experts. You may not necessarily be locked into a long-term lease for a space your business has outgrown. With an experienced tenant representative working on your behalf, you can often achieve flexible lease terms, such as an early termination option, expansion option, right of first refusal, renewal option, and/or a must-take provision, to ensure that your real estate solutions are aligned with your business cycles, not the other way around.

Tenant Representation Services That Support Your Business Goals

Working with our tenant representation broker will help you find the right property and negotiate the most favorable deal terms that support and align with your long-term business goals. Our tenant representation services include:

  • Market analysis
  • Property identification and evaluation
  • Property tours
  • Financial analysis
  • Proposal, counter proposal and LOI negotiation
  • Lease and purchase-option negotiation
  • Project closeout

Additionally, our tenant representation brokers can connect you with experts offering a variety of services including employer tax incentives, commercial real estate law, commuting optimization, change-management, project management, space planning, interior design, tenant improvement construction process, IT services, furniture solutions, and business relocation.


As a tenant, you are typically only considering a property relocation or lease renewal every five, seven, or ten years. When that time rolls around, you can trust that your best interest will be supported by our industry-leading tenant representation broker. If your business has outgrown your current lease space or your lease is expiring in the next 18 months, contact Fountainhead Commercial today to learn more about our tenant representation services.