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Fountainhead Commercial was built on foundational principles that drive success for our clients. Our values of expertise, excellence and integrity direct our business processes and support the best interest of each client. With almost 20 years in the industry, CCIM-designated broker and founder, Lowrey Burnett, has completed more than 450 commercial real estate transactions relying on experience and tenacity to negotiate the best possible outcome for each client. Fountainhead Commercial specializes in office and industrial real estate, providing expertise in a variety of transaction types, including 1031 Exchanges and Sale-Leasebacks. See what our CCIM designated commercial real estate broker can do for you.

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Commercial Real Estate Success Stories

About Our Denver Commercial Real Estate Broker

Lowrey Burnett, founder and lead commercial real estate broker at Fountainhead Commercial, has almost 20 years of experience in the industry, advocating for his clients, whether they are tenants, landlords, or investment property owners in Colorado or across the country. From working at one of the largest commercial real estate firms in Texas to honing his craft at one of the most successful privately-held commercial real estate investment firms in the nation, Burnett has gained unique experience that helps ensure the best possible outcome for each client and for each transaction he manages.

Behind Fountainhead Commercial

Upon branching out to open his own commercial real estate brokerage business in Denver, Colorado, Burnett knew there were certain values that would lay a strong foundation for the legacy of his firm.

Having spent more than two decades climbing the ranks, one key feature stood out about this resourceful and ambitious commercial real estate broker: he has an uncompromising commitment to his values and principles. Whether he is representing a tenant while negotiating a lease or providing sound financial analysis during the 1031 Exchange process, integrity remains a key pillar in his business dealings. Let’s talk about what Fountainhead Commercial can bring to the table as your commercial real estate broker.

  • Talent and Expertise - As a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designated commercial real estate broker, Lowrey Burnett has leveraged his industry expertise and skill to actively seek and negotiate the best possible deal on behalf of each client. As a business owner himself, Burnett understands the skills it requires to propel your business forward while always remaining true to your vision. He shares this passion with his clients through the commercial real estate leasing, buying, and selling process.
  • Doing What Is Right - Burnett’s main goal as a commercial real estate broker is to be honest and transparent about every possible contingency so that each client can make an informed business decision that aligns with their particular objectives . At Fountainhead Commercial, each client is seen as a creator, an innovator and a risk-taker in their own industry. We strive to fulfill their unique vision with the support and guidance of a commercial real estate expert.
  • Commitment to Excellence - A driving factor of Burnett’s commercial real estate reputation is an unwavering commitment to excellence through every step of the transaction process. He does this by understanding what each client needs - this means actually listening to what they have to say - and guiding them through the decision-making process so each client is confident they are making a sound, informed choice.

Your Denver-Based Commercial Real Estate Broker

Owner and lead commercial real estate broker, Lowrey Burnett built Fountainhead Commercial upon fundamental values and principles that drive successful outcomes for each business owner and property owner who engages Fountainhead.

Whether you are looking for tenant representation, landlord representation or want a trusted professional to provide investment expertise during the 1031 Exchange or sale-leaseback process, our commercial real estate expert can be your source for guidance, ensuring you make the best decision that aligns with your long-term goals.

Contact Fountainhead Commercial today to learn how we help each client make profitable commercial real estate investment and business decisions.

Site Acquisition For New Commercial Developments In Denver And Across The Nation

If you are considering a new commercial real estate development, you understand the complexity of these projects. Without the right expertise and support in place, you can run into a host of problems. With almost 20 years in the industry, our Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) acquisition expert at Fountainhead Commercial has the skills and the relationships to ensure your next development project is built on a strong foundation.

Building Up

The specifics of a commercial construction project can quickly become burdensome if you don’t have the right support in place. When it comes to new developments, we begin with extensive evaluation of potential development locations to include existing zoning review, comparable sales analysis, competitive site review for the new development, as well as estimates for your preliminary construction budget and preliminary construction timeline. When requested, we can connect each client with well-qualified, professional contractors and other vendors to ensure the development project meets important deadlines, adheres to construction cost projections and your new development gets off the ground successfully.

Landlord Representation

Support for our client does not end upon completion of your new office or industrial development. If needed by the developer, prior to the end of construction, Fountainhead Commercial's acquisition expert will expand their responsibilities to provide pre-leasing landlord representation services. From developing a robust, new property marketing plan to executing an office or industrial tenant lease-up plan, you can trust that reaching full occupancy of your new development will be a top priority.

If you are considering a new office or industrial development and want expert services to support the development and lease-up of your commercial construction project, contact Fountainhead Commercial today.

  • Seller Representative – Industrial – Aurora, CO

    2950 Walden Victory Packaging pic

    Large Distribution Facility Needs More Space

    When this client had outgrown their 80,000 square foot facility and needed more space, they found that disposing of their current property proved more difficult than they expected. With various restrictions on the zoning of the property, as well as unsavory loan conditions, CCIM-designated seller representative, Lowrey Burnett, went into the relinquishment of this property with his eyes wide open. Burnett, was able to find a buyer who paid full price for the property and assumed the existing loan and the client was able to more than double their square footage. You can learn more about this transaction here.

  • Seller Representative – Office – Denver, CO

    1630 Welton MacBain pic

    Property Disposition Is No Match For CCIM-Designated Broker

    An economic down turn forced this property owner to relinquish a downtown Denver office building in order to minimize the impact on their investment portfolio. The economic conditions, as well as a less than ideal leasing capacity and multi-million dollar maintenance requirements made this piece of property difficult to dispose of. Lowrey Burnett, CCIM-designated seller's representative, found a Chicago-based buyer familiar with the complications big city buildings posed and tackled the challenges with a full-price offer and quick transfer of ownership. Learn more about how commercial real estate broker, Lowrey Burnett, helped the client navigate the economy without sacrificing the portfolio return here.

  • Buyer Representative – Industrial – Pensacola, FL

    Industrial acquisition

    Portfolio Expansion Proves Profitable

    When this buyer was ready to expand their investment portfolio, they engaged CCIM-designated broker, Lowrey Burnett, after a previous positive experience. Burnett scoured the country to find a suitable piece of property that met the buyer's expectations and had a reliable source of income to meet return requirements. Learn how Burnett connected this buyer with a highly sought after industrial property that was leased to the largest replacement tire manufacturer in the United States here. 

  • Buyer Representative – Office – Phoenix, AZ

    new world real estate

    Breaking Into Foreign Markets With Investment Expert

    This Costa Rica-based client wanted to diversify his investment portfolio and was considering commercial property in the United States. Lowrey Burnett, a leading buyer's representative found the perfect match for the client in a fully-leased office building that was occupied by national-credit tenant, GoreTex. After negotiating $200,000 off the purchase price, the client paid $12.2 million for this Phoenix, AZ property. Learn more about how CCIM-designated broker, Lowrey Burnett, helped the client understand the commercial market in the States and make a decision that supported the long-term investment strategy here.

  • Buyer Representative – 1031 Exchange – Houston - Kansas City – Augusta, GA – Atlanta, GA

    case study 5 2case study 5 3case study 5case study 5 4

    Sale Of Family Business Leads To Multi-Million Dollar Savings

    When a California-based family sold their business for $14 million, they wanted to defer their capital gains taxes, so they enlisted the help of CCIM-designated 1031 Exchange expert, Lowrey Burnett, to guide them through the 1031 Exchange transaction process. The client selected four properties that offered geographic, product-type, tenancy, lease expiration, and yield diversifications. By adhering to the guidlines set by the IRS, the client saved $5.3 million. Learn how Burnett executed this 1031 Exchange with industry expertise here.

  • Buyer Representative – Land – Denver, CO

    new development

    Texas Developer Enters Denver Market

    When this Texas-based developer was ready to penetrate the Denver market, they engaged CCIM-designated broker, Lowrey Burnett, to help them scout out the perfect piece of property to build a new mixed-use condo complex on. Learn how Burnett helped this property development company enter the Denver market successfully here.

  • Tenant Representative – Office - Westminster, CO

    Office relocation

    Office Relocation Boosts Sales And Corporate Culture

    When this client started making moves toward transforming their corporate culture, including hiring a new management team and considering relocation of their Denver operations, they knew they'd need the help of an experienced commercial real estate broker. They engaged CCIM-designated tenant representative, Lowrey Burnett, to identify a property that met their needs, such as highway access, convenient location near restaurants, LEED certification for energy efficiency, and unbeatable views of the Rocky Mountains. Burnett delivered and then some. Learn more about how Burnett helped this tenant relocate their Denver operations and transform their company culture in the process here.

  • Tenant Representative – Industrial – Aurora, CO

    tenant representative

    Tenant Representative Helps Business Expand In Tight Market

    When this client's operations had outgrown their current, 80,000 square-foot facility, they enlisted the help of an expert tenant representative. CCIM-designated commercial real estate broker, Lowrey Burnett, help this company identify a property that more than doubled their square-footage and allowed the client to relocate without hindering production. Learn more about how Burnett acted as the tenant representative, while also supporting the client as the seller representative, to successfully relocate operations to a facility that accommodated the growing business here.

  • Tenant Representative – Retail – Wheat Ridge, CO

    tenant representative

    New Facility Helps Business Maximize Growth

    When this client engaged CCIM-designated broker, Lowrey Burnett, they were rapidly outgrowing their current facility. It was important that they find a space with more square footage, as well as more parking, for their patrons. With two years left in their lease, the client wanted to explore both leasing and buying options to make the best decision for the business in the long term. With specific location requirements and a modest budget, Burnett managed to find a facility that exceeded all expectations at a below-market rental rate. Learn more about how having effective tenant representation at the right time can play a key role in growing your business to achieve your future goals here.

  • Landlord Representative – Office – Dallas, TX

    landlord representative

    Make More From Your Investments

    How well you can execute the marketing and leasing efforts for your investment properties will make or break your profit margin. Enlisting the help of an experienced and strategic landlord representative can ensure that your investments reap maximum profit by executing highly-effective marketing and leasing strategies to the ideal audience of credit-worthy tenants. This Dallas-based client knew that, so they engaged CCIM-designated broker, Lowrey Burnett, to help them manage their portfolio of mid- and high-rise office buildings. Burnett kept the properties leased to 85-95 percent capacity for the full eight years he represented the client. Learn more about how he did it in our post on the success of this endeavor as a landlord representative.